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Secretary Hilary Kerr


The Midlands Border Collie Club has always believed very strongly that the breed is the most versatile in existence and we should endeavour to nurture that versatility in any way that we can. To that end the Utility Certificate was developed and our Utility Days born, when club members and their dogs can work towards achieving various levels in a wide range of disciplines.

A full list of Utility Certificate criteria can be found here in a printable version.

These Utility Days are 'members only' events - but new members can be accepted on the day. The activities include Breed Assessments, Obedience, Agility, KC Good Citizens tests, Sheep Instinct tests and more. They are exceptionally enjoyable and relaxed days out in excellent company and with the bonus of a great lunch too! We try to hold them twice yearly, but in practice Utility days have to be held when we have access to the right sort of facilities and can provide enough tuition/testing.

Reports and photos from the current year's Utility days can be found on this page. Where available, reports and photos from previous years' events can be found in the Archives.

~ * ~

Rally-o was introduced at the Midlands BCC Utility evening on 6th July 2011. To read Ann Jordan's report & to see photos of the evening, please go to our 2011 Archive.

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Utility Certificate ~ Roll Of Honour

The several levels of the Utility Certificate require training, patience and the perfecting of new skills for both handler and dog. However, the Committee feel extra mention should be made of those who ascend to the very top and gain the Platinum award.

We therefore present to you those whose outstanding achievement has earned them a place on our Roll Of Honour.

Barbara Swann with Trim
Barbara Swann with Trapper
Sue Lloyd-Davies with Fern
Celia Whiting with Glen
Gail Cartwright with Nell
Chris Clements with Corrie-Cas
Angela Hughes with Moss
Angela Hughes with Ben


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